We figure you are the best to make decisions on your own physical condition. To help, we have made this categorization on our products, that are to be considered as guidelines.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Easy - suitable for everyone ﷯ Easy trip in flat terrain. No special equipment needed. Weather dependable. Perfect if you just want to get out and enjoy the scenery - we normally get you a cup of coffee made on the bonfire. These trips would be perfect even for small children - just let us know if you are bringing some, and we will throw in something for them to play with while we are out. ﷯
Light - get your pulse up, and enjoy the scenery ﷯ Varying terrain without the steepest hills. Physically you should be able to walk 4-6km in light terrain without to much struggle. An example would be getting on top of a small hill where we break, have a snack and go back again. Pace will be adapted to our guests. You might need some equipment - read trip description. ﷯
Moderate - an arctic challenge ﷯ Varying terrain with some steep hills - get ready to break a sweat in beautiful surroundings. Not for persons with back or leg problems, and on some trips have to be able to carry a small backpack. Trips varying from 4 - 10km. Normally 2-5 hour trips in moderately steep terrain. No climbing. Some equipment needed - read trip description. ﷯
Adventurous ﷯ At Arctic moments we do not go on extreme trips - but some of them might be demanding in different ways. This trip rating is for those who like to get up high by their own feet, and than we naturally have to walk some hills. We stay outdoors for several hours, and the weather can change fast. Also our overnight trips during the winter end up in this category - even though we don´t walk that far. Get ready to walk for a some hours in varying terrain, and enjoy the view as we go. Be in normal physical condition, we will adapt the pace to the group. Not suitable for persons with back or feet issues. Some equipment needed - read trip description. ﷯




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