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Arctic Moments is one of the brand new additions to the field of nature guiding in Tromsø and Northern Norway. Although new, we are not without experience - having spend most of our spare time in nature, and with an Arctic Nature guide education from Svalbard, you can feel assured that you will be in good hands. Arctic Moments also have all the necessary transportation permissions for commercial work.


Slow adventure might be described as «rough luxury», rather than paved roads and services everywhere. The luxury arises from intimacy with nature, an experience few urban people have, in a remote and beautiful environment.


Taking inspiration from Slow Food, this kind of adventure is about a high quality, personalized, handmade experience. You leave the world of mass production, pollution and stress far behind, and the first thing you do is slow down... Then you might find yourself sitting on a beach somewhere under the aurora, drinking handmade coffee that has just boiled on the bonfire, on a hike to one of the low peaks around Tromsø, or in a hammock by a lake.


Slow adventures allow participants to experience life outdoors - some talk about feeling like it is how life used to be, and how the simple things are so rewarding in these situations - the satisfaction of sleeping under canvas and hearing waves on a beach or the stags roaring in the night - these elemental feelings cut through the frenetic messiness of the urban everyday, and settle folk, momentarily, in the simplicity of nature.


Through slow adventure, we give you arctic moments.






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Reidar is a guide and founder of Arctic Moments. He was born and raised in Tromsø, and did his guide education alongside the polar bears at Svalbard.


Being raised in the north, his parents took him hunting, fishing, gathering and skiing at an early age. Spending most vacations on the island of Senja, the sea and boat life has a special place in his heart.


With a track record from the University of Tromsø, the Norwegian army, and a short lived career as a carpenter, Reidar has experience from different fields over the last 20 years. Right now he is finishing a bachelors degree in Arctic Outdoor Life at the University of Tromsø, and taking guests out between lectures and kids.


With a special interest in photography and sustainable tourism, he is one of the guides  taking you in to arctic nature this season.

Haakon was born in Tønsberg, the oldest town of Norway. He finished the Arctic Nature guide study at the same time as Reidar, and together they are planning to finish the Arctic Outdoor Life study in the spring of 2018. Haakon finished a BA-degree in marketing before he discovered his wild side, and has been working with young refugees outside Alta in his spare time.


Haakon is a laid back guy that never gets stressed, and always does what he can to make guests comfortable. As a seasoned snowboarder, model and climber, Haakon is a versatile man that carry the big backpacks when out, and after spending six consecutive weeks in a tent last summer - he knows what equipment works on long trips, and what soap to bring.


Haakons focus is on photography, enjoying nature and the long days out. If you ask him, he probably has a bag of potato chips in his backpack.



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